"Selecting Asher Business Services is one of the best decisions that our company has made."

Dana Morze
SYR Management.

"Kerma Medical Products has been extremely pleased in our partnership with Asher Business Services. ABS provides the highest level of customer service and constantly solicits our feedback in an effort to keep their products in alignment with our business and its needs."

Marjorie Kane
Kerma Medical Products

Welcome to Asher Business Services!

ABS is an innovator and leader in the delivery of Time and Attendance solutions that perform to the customer’s exact specifications, yet are guaranteed to be cost effective. We customize, implement, and service software systems that overcome the most challenging Labor Management issues. Speak with our customers about our many successes. Then contact us to start creating your company’s own unique solution.

What We do?

  • Automate the Workforce and Labor Data Collection Processes
  • Organize Workforce and Labor Data into Manageable Components for Superior Analysis
  • Plan, Schedule and Reschedule Workforce and Labor Resources for Better Productivity
  • Provide Accurate Workforce and Labor Data as Operating Results to Payroll and other Financial Systems

What Benefits Can Your Company Achieve Through Time and Attendance Automation?

Benefits are tangible when they produce real financial impact on a company’s bottom line that are measurable, such as reductions in costs. In the case of time and attendance solutions, there are three principle financial benefits which are quantifiable – elimination of human errors, control of employee time theft, and administrative time savings.

  • Elimination of Human Errors - Gathering more accurate attendance data through online time clock software can reduce processing time by 80% versus manual steps.
  • Control of Employee Time Theft - Preventing buddy punching and other time theft techniques can reduce payroll by 10% or more.
  • Administrative Time Savings - Integrating time and attendance data into payroll and HR records eliminates data entry requirements and reduces time needed to correct payroll errors. The cost of the number of full time equivalent staff positions performing data entry, reconciliation and error correction tasks is saved.

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