"Selecting Asher Business Services is one of the best decisions that our company has made."

Dana Morze
SYR Management.

"Kerma Medical Products has been extremely pleased in our partnership with Asher Business Services. ABS provides the highest level of customer service and constantly solicits our feedback in an effort to keep their products in alignment with our business and its needs."

Marjorie Kane
Kerma Medical Products

Who is Asher Business Services (ABS)?

Asher Business Services is a reputable advisor and acknowledged authority in the selection and implementation of automated time and attendance labor management solutions. Since 2002, we have offered our clients a progression of consulting, design and delivery services which culminate in the most reliable and cost effective labor management solutions available today. Clients may choose to utilize our services as needed to sustain a labor management initiative or as a turnkey, comprehensive solution in which ABS assumes responsibility for the entire project. Regardless of approach, our services are designed to assist any size company, starting with approximately 25 or more employees.

Our Mission is to deliver high quality time and attendance solutions which meet the operational, technical and economical needs of our clients. Our services offerings are guaranteed to enhance employee care, reduce costs, and increase shareholder value. We achieve our mission by developing strong business relationships with our clients as we successfully deliver on promises of superior technologies and refined business processes. Our methods are not unique - years of hard work, acquired knowledge, business expertise, unwavering integrity and dedicated professionalism produce great results for our clients.

What Makes Us Unique?

Results – we automate the time and attendance function within your company to your exact specifications. We spend the necessary time at the beginning of the project to thoroughly understand your business’ operating, technical and financial requirements.
We encourage you to speak to our customers about our many successes. Our clients often rate us as having “exceeded their expectations”, because we specialize in overcoming the most challenging of time and attendance issues.

Why Our Clients Choose Us?

Asher Business Services is best qualified to provide our clients with exceptional value in an automated time and attendance solution because we draw on years of experience to tailor the right solution for your company. We have answers for the challenging time and attendance issues of:

  • Multiple locations
  • Communications
  • Security
  • Scheduling
  • Accruals
  • Absence
  • Custom Pay
  • Overtime
  • Employee Grouping
  • Job Costing
  • Systems Integrations
  • Management Reporting
  • ..and More

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