"Your devotion to customer service and ongoing enhancements to your time and attendance solution serves us well today."

Dirk De Vuyst, Office Manager
International Marble Industries, Inc.

"Asher Business Services has been great to work with. Anytime I have had a question, big or small, your services personnel have been very accommodating. The software system is easy for our employees to learn, simple to operate, and helpful in processing our payroll. I would recommend ABS to any company considering the automation of their time keeping. Thanks, ABS, for a job well done."

Terri Johnson
Office Manager
McIntyre, Panzarella, & Thanasides
Attorneys At Law

Why Time and Attendance Solutions produce results!

Challenges – Business Problems or Issues that T&A Solutions resolve:

  • Desire to reduce paperwork and the associated management administration / work load.
  • Desire to improve the accountability among your labor management staff
  • Desire to accurately record operating staff time and attendance
  • Desire to quickly respond to critical resource shortages or operational deviations from the planned schedule
  • Need to respond to external changes that effect scheduling
  • Desire to reduce the impact of planned absences on daily operations
  • Desire to improve customer service levels through improved operating information
  • Desire to improve payroll accuracy
  • Need to manage culturally diverse workforce with varied performance
  • Need to manage geographically disperse locations or mobile workers

Tangible Benefits – Real Financial Impact on the Business’ Bottom-line Results through measurable Increased Revenues or Reduced Costs. In the case of time and attendance solutions, there are three principle financial benefits – time savings, elimination of human errors and control of employee time theft. The following benefits should be quantifiable:

  • Reduce the Time and Expense Associated with Non-automated Workforce and Labor Policies, Procedures and Processes. Automated systems allow businesses to establish business practices one time and then have the computer monitor those policies, such as overtime, holiday, pay rate, and shift differential rules
  • Eliminate data entry functions
  • Eliminate manual calculation and resulting errors
  • Save costs by minimizing costly overtime
  • Save costs by identifying absenteeism
  • Minimize Payroll Errors and the Costly Reconciliation Process to get Payroll Correct
  • Eliminate the Errors and Cost associated with Poor Systems Integration between Operating Systems and Payroll and other Financial Systems. Automated T&A solutions allow employee labor data to be electronically moved to payroll and other financial systems without any manual re-entering or rekeying into those systems.
  • Improve Workforce and Labor Resources Utilization and Productivity Through Enhanced Scheduling Capabilities.

Intangible Benefits – Operational Improvements to the Business which can be identified but can not be measured in quantitative terms:

  • Automate the time and attendance processes and overall function.
  • Eliminate paper schedules and time reporting.
  • Deliver Accurate and Real Time Operating Results to Management for Better Analysis and Labor Management.
  • Improve the accuracy of data collection.
  • Improve the ease of access to information by managers and employees.
  • Increase staff empowerment and motivation.
  • Produce more accurate paychecks.
  • Manage fewer employee complaints.
  • Establish more consistent pay policies and pay employees more equitably.
  • Create the opportunity for real time analysis of performance and productivity data. Monitor productive and non-productive time of your staff.
  • Align time and attendance and labor management functions with scheduling.
  • Streamline the payroll process.
  • Better manage corporate risk by compliance to employment legislation, personnel contracts, and union agreements.
  • Establish forward visibility of labor costs for better budgeting.

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